At Sanitary Fittings, exceptional customer service is our goal. We work hard to make sure that you are happy. Here are some nice things said by people who are not our mothers.

“Great experience. Quick delivery with the correct parts. I will order items again from Sanitary Fittings when needed.”

~Gary M.

“Great customer service!! If all my vendors were as easy to deal with as you were, my job would go much smoother!”

~Patty K.

“I ordered a temperature probe from John . It was only one $40 item and I was treated like it was an order for $10,000. Better yet, the part arrived sooner than I expected.”

~Jeffery S.

“Great experience! First off, it was nice to locate a company online that had these unique sanitary fitting adapters “on the shelf”. Not to mention, a high quality, US made product. It was very easy to make a purchase online and the price was good. Order confirmation, invoice, and shipping information was provided very quickly, even without formally requesting them. Delivery was much faster than expected. Packaging of adapters was simple, yet very effective. I was pleasantly surprised to receive MATERIAL TEST REPORTs with the Packing List too, impressed actually! Sanitary fitting adapters are of high quality. Overall, very impressed with Sanitary Fittings (and Steel & O’Brien Manufacturing) and will do business with again. Depending on where our production products are manufactured, I may pursue having Sanitary Fittings (and Steel & O’Brien Manufacturing) added to our Approved Supplier List for future purchases. Thank-you!”

~Steven Z.

Thank you so much. Can’t wait to get to work on these upgrades. It’s only Monday and you’ve already made my week! I will definitely be sharing my experience with others and sending them your way.

~Keith M.

“I ordered a reducer, gasket and clamp. The order was filled and shipped promptly. When I put my ordered pieces in place I found out that I mistakenly ordered the wrong sized reducer. I contacted John and he jumped on it right away. He quickly placed a new order for me and arranged for me to send back the original product for a full refund. Great service, would highly recommend.”

~Michael I.

“>Placed a rush order online. Unfortunately, the item I needed was out of stock and wouldn’t be ready for five days. John told me this upfront and allowed me to cancel my order, no questions asked. He didn’t get my business this time but you can bet that I’ll give him another chance. Great customer service.”

~Patrick H.

We’ve done multiple orders with John over the past year. Very pleased with the quality and pricing of these fittings. John is a pleasure to work with. I’ve had enough bad experiences to know what good customer service looks like. Thanks for the excellent service and competitive pricing.

~Chris F.

Do you have an experience with Sanitary Fittings that you want to share? Let us know!