BioPharm Tri-Clamp Concentric Reducer

  • BPE Tri Clamp Concentric Reducers
  • Available in 316L Stainless Steel
  • Manufactured in accordance with 3A Standards for sanitary-grade bio-processing equipment
  • Finishes: PL/SF1 or PM/SF4 with Electro-Polish
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Reduce sanitary tri-clamp connection from one size to another with concentric BPE fitting

BPE stainless steel concentric clamp reducers allow for the connection of tubing of various sizes. Available in 316 stainless steel alloys.  Unlike the eccentric clamp reducer, this product may cause pooling in process line fittings. Clamp style connections offer a quick and easy way to disassemble line processing for access to process media and cleaning solutions. Product is 3A certified for sanitary grade line processing equipment in the food and beverage industry.

Clamp Concentric Reducers Part Numbers & Dimensions

A31-14MPS – Hygenic Clamp Joint Concentric Reducer Per DT-4.1.3-3
BPE Concentric Clamp Reducer Dimensions
Tube OD SizeASF1 / PL / 20 ra IDSF4 / PM / 15 ra EPLine Drawing
3/4 x 1/22.000S31-14MP-.75X.50-PL-316S31-14MP-.75X.50-PM-316Request Drawing
1 x 1/22.500S31-14MP-1X.50-PL-316S31-14MP-1X.50-PM-316Request Drawing
1 x 3/42.000S31-14MP-1X.75-PL-316S31-14MP-1X.75-PM-316Request Drawing
1 1/2 x 1/23.500S31-14MP-15X.50-PL-316S31-14MP-15X.50-PM-316Request Drawing
1 1/2 x 3/43.000S31-14MP-15X.75-PL-316S31-14MP-15X.75-PM-316
1 1/2 x 13.000S31-14MP-15X1-PL-316S31-14MP-15X1-PM-316Request Drawing
2 x 1/27.000S31-14MP-2X.5-PL-316S31-14MP-2X.5-PM-316
2 x 3/46.000S31-14MP-2X.75-PL-316S31-14MP-2X.75-PM-316Request Drawing
2 x 15.000S31-14MP-2X1-PL-316S31-14MP-2X1-PM-316Request Drawing
2 x 1 1/23.000S31-14MP-2X15-PL-316S31-14MP-2X15-PM-316Request Drawing
2 1/2 x 1/29.000S31-14MP-25X.50-PL-316S31-14MP-25X.50-PM-316Request Drawing
2 1/2 x 3/48.000S31-14MP-25X.75-PL-316S31-14MP-25X.75-PM-316Request Drawing
2 1/2 x 17.000S31-14MP-25X1-PL-316S31-14MP-25X1-PM-316Request Drawing
2 1/2 x 1 1/25.000S31-14MP-25X15-PL-316S31-14MP-25X15-PM-316Request Drawing
2 1/2 x 23.000S31-14MP-25X2-PL-316S31-14MP-25X2-PM-316Request Drawing
3 x 1 1/27.000S31-14MP-3X15-PL-316S31-14MP-3X15-PM-316Request Drawing
3 x 25.000S31-14MP-3X2-PL-316S31-14MP-3X2-PM-316Request Drawing
3 x 2 1/23.000S31-14MP-3X25-PL-316S31-14MP-3X25-PM-316Request Drawing
4 x 29.125S31-14MP-4X2-PL-316S31-14MP-4X2-PM-316Request Drawing
4 x 2 1/27.125S31-14MP-4X25-PL-316S31-14MP-4X25-PM-316Request Drawing
4 x 35.125S31-14MP-4X3-PL-316S31-14MP-4X3-PM-316Request Drawing

Watch How to Measure Tri-Clamp Fittings

Tri-Clamp Fittings and Gasket Sizing Guide

Sanitary Fitting Dimensions
Sanitary SizeOD of Flange EndID of TubeOD of Tube
1 1/2″1.9841.3701.500
2 1/2″3.0472.3702.500

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