Sanitary Butt Weld Fittings

Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel tubing and conforming to conventional tube OD specifications, butt weld fittings are engineered to facilitate a wide variety of line connections.  For use in the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries, 3A Certified where designated on product pages.  Most products are available for purchase online in both 304 and 316L stainless steel allow along with a variety of sizes. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100.



  • Polished Short 90 Degree Elbow

    Polished Short 90° Elbows (2WC)

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  • 38W Weld Neck Flange

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  • Polished 90° Elbow with Tangents

    Polished 90° Elbows with Tangents

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  • 90° Clamp x Weld Elbows

    90° Tri Clamp x Weld Elbows

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  • Male NPT Tube OD Weld Adapters

    Male NPT x Tube OD Weld Adapters (19WB)

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  • Polished Long Tee

    Polished Long Tees (7WL)

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  • Polished Concentric Reducer

    Polished Concentric Reducers

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  • Polished 45 Degree Elbow with Tangents

    Polished 45° Elbow with Tangents (L2KS)

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  • Polished Short 45 Degree Elbow

    Polished Short 45° Elbow

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  • Butt Weld End Cap

    Butt-Weld Polished End Cap

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  • Polished Short Tee

    Polished Short Tee (7WS)

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  • Polished Lateral

    Polished Butt Weld Lateral (28WA)

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