Butt-Weld Polished Concentric Reducers

  • Sanitary Butt-Weld Concentric Reducers
  • Available in 304 & 316L Stainless Steel
  • Meets 3-A Standards for sanitary-grade line process equipment
  • Surface Finish: 32Ra
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Sanitary butt-weld concentric reducer connects stainless steel tubes of alternate sizes

The Polished Concentric Reducer is available in both 304 & 316L stainless steel alloys.  Butt weld ends to accommodate the joining of two separate tube lines of different sizes.  Stainless steel material is resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperatures.  This product is manufactured in accordance with 3A standards for process line applications including food & beverage industries. Polished Concentric Reducer Part Numbers & Dimensions Sanitary Concentric Reducer Butt Weld Dimensions
Size (Tube OD)Part NumberDimensions
1   "x1/2"--31W-1X.50-7-3162.0001.0000.5000.065
1   "x3/4"--31W-1X.75-7-3161.0001.0000.7500.065
1-1/2"x1   "31W4P-15010031W6P-1501002.0001.5001.0000.065
2   "x1   "31W4P-20010031W6P-2001004.0002.0001.0000.065
2   "x1-1/2"31W4P-20015031W6P-2001502.0002.0001.5000.065
2-1/2"x2   "31W4P-25020031W6P-2502002.0002.5002.0000.065
3   "x1   "31W4P-30010031W6P-3001008.0003.0001.0000.065
3   "x1-1/2"31W4P-30015031W6P-3001506.0003.0001.5000.065
3   "x2   "31W4P-30020031W6P-3002004.0003.0002.0000.065
3   "x2-1/2"31W4P-30025031W6P-3002502.0003.0002.5000.065
4   "x1   "31W4P-40010031W6P-40010012.0004.0001.0000.083
4   "x1-1/2"31W4P-40015031W6P-40015010.0004.0001.5000.083
4   "x2   "31W4P-40020031W6P-4002008.0004.0002.0000.083
4   "x2-1/2"31W4P-40025031W6P-4002506.0004.0002.5000.083
4   "x3   "31W4P-40030031W6P-4003004.0004.0003.0000.083
6   "x2   "31W4P-60020031W6P-6002005.5006.0002.0000.109
6   "x3   "31W4P-60030031W6P-6003005.5006.0003.0000.109
6   "x4   "31W4P-60040031W6P-6004005.5006.0004.0000.109
8   "x3   "31W4P-80030031W6P-8003006.0008.0003.0000.109
8   "x4   "31W4P-80040031W6P-8004006.0008.0004.0000.109
8   "x6   "31W-8X6-7-30431W-8X6-7-3166.0008.0006.0000.109

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Q I need an 8 -- 2" sanitary reducer but I don't see it here. Can you guys custom fabricate this part?
    A Yes, Sanitary Fittings does offer custom fabrication depending upon your needs. In this case we have a couple of options. Either you can buy an 8 -- 4 and 4 -- 2 reducer whereby you can weld together or we can create this part for you by doing the same thing. The overall length of this new reducer will be around 14 - 15" inches long. You can save time and money by welding this together yourself but it's up to you and your comfort level. Please call us if you have additional questions on custom fabrication and pricing. Thanks!

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