DIN Clamp Gaskets (Metric)

Please see Compound Selection Guide for compatibility information.
Temperature & Usage Guide

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DIN #32676 Clamp Gaskets.

DIN gaskets are used to make a secure, leak proof connection between fittings.  A variety of materials is available for selection depending upon medium used in line processing.
Please see Compound Selection Guide for compatibility information.


DIN Size
(Tube OD)
EPDM Teflon® Silicone Viton®
DIN10 K2123.010.EP K2123.010.TE K2123.010.SI K2123.010.VI
DIN15 K2123.015.EP K2123.015.TE K2123.015.SI K2123.015.VI
DIN20 K2123.020.EP K2123.020.TE K2123.020.SI K2123.020.VI
DIN25 K2123.025.EP K2123.025.TE K2123.025.SI K2123.025.VI
DIN40 K2123.040.EP K2123.040.TE K2123.040.SI K2123.040.VI
DIN50 K2123.050.EP K2123.050.TE K2123.050.SI K2123.050.VI
DIN65 K2123.065.EP K2123.065.TE K2123.065.SI K2123.065.VI
DIN80 K2123.080.EP K2123.080.TE K2123.080.SI K2123.080.VI
DIN100 K2123.100.EP K2123.100.TE K2123.100.SI K2123.100.VI

DIN Clamp Gasket Dimensions

DIN Size A(mm) B(mm)
10 34 10.2
15 34 16.2
20 34 20.2
25 50.5 26.2
32 50.5 32.2
40 50.5 48.2
50 64 50.2
65 91 66.2
80 106 81.2
100 119 100.2


Tri-Clamp Gasket Comparison Guide

Gasket Temperature Range Recommended Usage Not Recommended Industry
Buna (Nitrile) Standard: -35°F to 250°F (-37°C to 121°C) Water, Oils, Fuels Ketones, Strong Acids, Sunlight, Ozone, Weathering Food & Beverage
EPDM (Ethylene Propylene) Standard: -65°F to 300°F (-54°C to 149°C) Sunlight, Weathering, Hot Water, Steam, Select Acids/Bases, Alcohols Oils, Fuels Bio-Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Drinking Water
PTFE (Teflon®) Standard: -250°F to 450°F (-157°C to 232°C) Chemical, Heat, Pressure Applications Stretching, Elasticity Chemical Processing
FKM (Viton®) Standard: -15°F to 437°F (-26°C to 222°C) Vacuum, Most Acids / Chemicals, Oils, Fuels Ketones, Ammonia, Hot Water / Steam Chemical Processing


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