Sanitary Tube Fittings

Sanitary Fittings carries a wide range of sanitary tube fittings at some of the lowest prices online. We offer both 304 and 316L stainless steel alloy in sizing options ranging from 1” up to 12” for select models. Most part numbers 3A sanitary specifications and have been noted on product pages. These items are precision engineered to be utilized in the most demanding environments of the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Orders over $100 include FREE SHIPPING.



  • Buna Clamp Gasket

    Tri Clamp Gaskets

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  • Clamp Fitting

    Single Pin Heavy Duty Clamp (13MHHM)

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  • Solid Tri Cap End Cap

    Solid Tri Clamp End Caps (16AMP)

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  • 2-Inch Long Weld Ferrule

    Long Weld Clamp Ferrules (14AM7)

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  • 2" x 2" Male NPT Clamp Adapter

    Male NPT x Tri Clamp Adapters (21MP)

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  • DIN 11851 Gaskets

    DIN Gaskets (Metric)

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  • 2" Short Weld Clamp Ferrule

    Short Weld Clamp Ferrules (14WMP)

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  • Female NPT Clamp Adapters

    Female NPT x Tri Clamp Adapters (22MP)

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  • 90 Degree Tri-Clamp Elbow

    Tri-Clamp 90° Elbow (2CMP)

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  • Bolted Clamps

    Bolted Clamps (13MHP)

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  • Tri Clover Sanitary Clamp Concentric Reducer

    Tri-Clamp Concentric Reducers (3114MP)

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  • Rubber Hose Adapters

    Tri-Clamp Rubber Hose Adapters (14MPHR)

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