Bevel Seat Fittings

Bevel seat fittings available for purchase online from Sanitary Fittings. These fittings provide a secure connection while giving you the flexibility for disassembly. We recommend use of bevel seat gaskets in order to avoid a metal-to-metal point of contact. Products are available in both 304 and 316L stainless steel alloy, all of which are 3A certified. For use in the line processing equipment and systems within food, beverage and dairy industries.

  • Teflon Bevel Seat Gasket

    Teflon® Bevel Seat Gaskets

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  • Union Hexagonal Nut

    Union Hexagonal Nuts

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  • Long Threaded Bevel Seat Ferrule

    Long Threaded Bevel Seat Ferrules

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  • Long Plain Bevel Seat Ferrule

    Long Plain Bevel Seat Ferrules

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  • Plain Bevel Seat Solid End Cap

    Plain Bevel Seat Solid End Caps

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  • Clamp x Bevel Seat Elbow w/ Hex Nut

    Clamp x Plain Bevel Seat 90 Degree Elbow

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