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Replacement Centrifugal Pump Drive Collar

From time to time, centrifugal pump mechanical components need to be replaced. TOP-FLO® centrifugal pump replacement parts are specifically designed to fit in the pumps of not only TOP-FLO® pumps but those of major pump suppliers. These components are rugged and will provide the necessary sealing conditions under a wide range of conditions.
Centrifugal Pump Drive Collar Highlight

Drive Collar Adjustment

(Models TF-C114 through TF-C328)
  1. Slide the seal drive collar onto the stub shaft as shown in Figure 24. Use the “A” dimension in the SEAL CHART to properly locate the drive collar on the stub shaft. Tighten the set screws to secure in place. NOTE: TF-C100 pump does not require drive collar.
  2. Assemble the spring, seal cup, o-ring, and carbon seal, and install as a unit. Make sure the slot in the seal cup aligns with the pin on the shaft. (Figure 25) Gentle pressure on the o-ring will overcome resistance on the shaft. NOTE: Do not lubricate seals with any type of oil or grease, the seal faces will be lubricated by the product being pumped.
  3. Assemble the gasket to the backplate. Install the backplate on the adapter. Make sure the seal cup slot is engaged with the pin on the drive collar. (Figure 25)
  4. Rotate the backplate until the backplate pins engage the adapter pins. (Figure 25)
  5. Rotate the shaft until the pin hole in the end is in a horizontal position. Insert the impeller pin, center it in the shaft end, and slide the impeller on the shaft. Hold the impeller tight against the stub shaft and rotate the shaft one-fourth turn until the impeller pin drops and secures the impeller. (Figure 26)
  6. Place the casing over the impeller/ backplate, close and tighten the clamp. (Figure 27)
  7. Assemble the cascade water fitting, if included. Install the seal guard and tighten in place. Assemble the suction line and the discharge line to the casing.
NOTE: Check for strain or misalignment of piping to the casing. Re-adjust the casing ports and/or entire motor leveling as necessary.


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