Male Short Weld I-Line Ferrule (14WI)

  • Sanitary Male Short Weld I-Line Ferrule
  • Available in 304 & 316L Stainless Steel
  • 3A Certified for sanitary-grade line process equipment

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Secure rigid I-Line connection with stainless steel Male x Weld Ferrule

Male short weld ferrule fittings provide a leak-resistant seal, joining two separate tube fitting components.  Circular welding is required to join this ferrule to one tube connection.  Available in both 304 and 316L Stainless Steel alloys, providing both strength and durability.  This product is 3A certified for use inline process applications where sanitary conditions are a requirement.
14WI Dimensions
  Short I-Line Ferrule Line Drawing

Sizes & Dimensions

Size (Tube OD) Part Number Dimensions Line Drawing
1   " 14WI-1-304 14WI-1-316 0.600 1.99750.871.24051.01 PDF
1-1/2" 14WI-1.5-304 14WI-1.5-316 0.765 1.99751.371.74051.51 PDF
2" 14WI-2-304 14WI-2-316 0.790 2.64251.872.24052.01 PDF
2-1/2" 14WI-2.5-304 14WI-2.5-316 0.848 3.30952.372.74052.51 PDF
3   " 14WI-3-304 14WI-3-316 0.906 3.87252.873.30053.01 PDF
4   " 14WI-4-304 14WI-4-316 1.031 4.87253.8344.29754.01 PDF
6" 14WI-6-304 14WI-6-316 n/a 7.49755.7826.83056.01 PDF
8" 14WI-8-304 14WI-8-316 n/a 9.497.7828.83058.01 PDF


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    Does the leak resistant seal require a gasket? Can I run this system without a gasket for emulsified protein? We are producing hot dogs.
  1. Q Does the leak resistant seal require a gasket? Can I run this system without a gasket for emulsif...... Read more

    We always recommend the gasket in place for a leak-proof connection.  I understand with this media being processed it is not liquid-like enough to pass through the connection but it is still recommended as a best practice.

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