Sanitary Sample Valve

  • Available in Tri Clamp or Butt Weld Connections
  • Available in Straight or Angled Styles
  • Includes nylon nut cover for hand operation at higher temperatures
  • PTFE Stopper & Retainer Clip included
  • Top-Flo SV2 Sample Valves
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Sanitary sample valve with tri-clamp and hose barb connections.

Sample product from tanks safely and securely with sanitary sample valves. Simply turn the valve to open sample line connected to optional hose sold separately. Available in 316L stainless steel alloy.

Standard Features

  • 316L SS wetted part construction
  • Standard finish: 20Ra ID (SF1) - 32Ra OD
  • Replaceable tapered FDA/USP class VI, PTFE stem for positive closure
  • FDA/USP class VI, FKM O-ring stem seal
  • Positive open stop to prevent accidental stem removal during operation
  • Fully autoclaveable without disassembly
  • Thermoplastic black operator nut
  • Full material traceability
Part Number Dimension A Dimension B
3/4" x 3/8" KAC00731 2.100 1.363
3/4" x 1/2" KAC00741 2.100 1.407
1" x 3/8" KAC01030 2.100 1.363
1" x 1/2" KAC01040 2.100 1.407
1 1/2" x 3/8" KAC01530 2.100 1.363
1 1/2" x 1/2" KAC01540 2.100 1.407
2" x 3/8" KAC02030 2.051 1.363
3" x 1/2" KAC03041 2.421 1.407
SKUS Found on this Page tasting port KAC00731-AT KAC00741-AT KAC01030-AT KAC01040-AT SV26TV15BSF1-20RA-316L SV26TV15CSF1-20RA-316L SV26TV20BSF1-20RA-316L SV26TV30CSF1-20RA-316L KAD00731-ST SVS-.75TCX.5BARB-316-F KAD01030-ST KAD01035-316 KAD01530-316 SVS-1.5TCX.50-316 KAD02030-316 SVS-3TCX.50BARB-316 KAD00502-316 SV26TV50ASF1-20RA-316L SVS-.50X.375-316 SVS-.75X.25-316 KAD00705-316 SV26TV50BSF1-20RA-316L SV26TV75ASF1-20RA-316L SV26TV75BSF1-20RA-316L SV26TV75CSF1-20RA-316L SV26TV10ASF1-20RA-316L KAC01026-316 SV26TV10BSF1-20RA-316L SV26TV10CSF1-20RA-316L SV26TV15ASF1-20RA-316L SV26TV20ASF1-20RA-316L SV26TV20CSF1-20RA-316L


Questions & Answers 2

    How fast would liquid (ie water) flow through this valve?
  1. Q How fast would liquid (ie water) flow through this valve?
    A Unfortunately, we do not have flow rates available for these sampling valves.
  2. Are all o rings and stopper PTFE on this item?
  3. Q Are all o rings and stopper PTFE on this item?
    A O-Ring material comes in either EPDM or Viton. With this type of valve, PTFE does not create a very good seal due to its rigidness so other material options are recommended.

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