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Short Weld Clamp Ferrules

  • Sanitary Short Weld Clamp Ferrules
  • Available in 304 & 316L Stainless Steel
  • 3A Certified for sanitary-grade line process equipment

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Short weld clamp ferrules join tri-clamp to butt weld sanitary process lines (14WMP).

Short weld clamp ferrules are fitted into process lines with both tri-clamp connection and butt welding.  The butt welding end is shorter than our long weld version.  Stainless steel design is offered in both 304 and 316L alloy options.  Sizes for this product range from 1/2 inch all the way up to 12 inches.  For joining clamp fittings to welded ends.  Orbital weld is recommended to ensure proper connectivity, tri-clamp connections finish this process line.

Short Weld Clamp Ferrules Part Numbers & Dimensions

Short Weld Clamp Ferrule Dimensions

(Tube OD)
Part Number Dimensions
304L 316L A B C
1/2″ 14WMP4-050 14WMP6-050 0.500 0.370 0.500
3/4″ 14WMP4-075 14WMP6-075 0.500 0.620 0.750
1   “ 14WMP4-100 14WMP6-100 0.500 0.870 1.000
1-1/2″ 14WMP4-150 14WMP6-150 0.500 1.370 1.500
2   “ 14WMP4-200 14WMP6-200 0.500 1.870 2.000
2-1/2″ 14WMP4-250 14WMP6-250 0.500 2.370 2.500
3   “ 14WMP4-300 14WMP6-300 0.500 2.870 3.000
4   “ 14WMP4-400 14WMP6-400 0.625 3.834 4.000
6   “ 14WMP4-600 14WMP6-600 0.875 5.782 6.000
8   “ 14WMP4-800 14WMP6-800 0.875 7.760 8.000
10  “ 14WMP4-1000 14WMP6-1000 0.875 9.782 10.000
12  “ 14WMP4-1200 14WMP6-1200 0.875 11.760 12.000


Clamp Fittings and Gasket Sizing Guide

Sanitary Fitting Dimensions
Sanitary SizeOutside Diameter (OD) of Clamp EndInside Diameter (ID) of FittingOutside Diameter (OD) of Fitting
1 1/2"1.9841.3701.500
2"2.5161.870 2.000
2 1/2"3.0472.3702.500

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Short answer, yes. Your 14 gauge tubing will be slightly thinner than our standard 8" tubing gauge of 12. There will be a noticeable lip between the two parts but this can be ground down for a smooth surface if desired.
  2. A This is kind of a difficult question to answer because of several variables. The quick answer would be to say a lot. The theoretical burst pressure of a 1” sanitary tube is over 10,000PSI. That number begins to decrease as the tube size increases, however, in most typical situations the pressure would never reach this level. The question that should really be asked should focus more on the weak spot in the process line, that being the joints where ferrules, clamps and gaskets meet. If a line is going to fail under pressure this is the weakest point and also the spot that should be the focus of your attention. We carry both the single pin heavy duty clamp for "lighter" applications and the bolted clamp for higher pressure situations if necessary.
  3. A Hello, yes that is a metric sized measurement. We do not offer these types of products on our website at the moment. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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