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TF-C328 Pump with Motor Assembly

  • TOP-FLO® TF-C328 Centrifugal Pump with Motor Assembly (3-A)
  • Includes 7.5HP Motor, 1800RPM
  • Capacity: 10gpm to 620gpm*
  • Pressure: 130 PSIG / 300 Foot of Head*
  • Viscosity: 200 cp
  • Temperature: 212° F
  • Operation, Maintenance & Parts List

*See attached pump curves for flow capacities

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The TOP-FLO® TF-C328 centrifugal sanitary pump with motor assembly is ideal for use in small and medium-size process applications in the dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary process industries.

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C328 3X2 1750 RPM Capacity Curve

  • Pump Casing: Volute Type
  • Pump Connections: Tri-Clamp
  • Pump Construction materials: All Wetted Parts – Type 316L balance Type 304, Carbon Seal, O-Ring & Casting Gasket – FDA Buna/FKM 3-A Approved
  • Pump Finish: 32Ra Standard, Polished
  • Pump Impeller: Max 8.000” Diameter
  • Pump Seal: External Balanced, Sanitary Single Mechanical

How to correctly position the drive collar on a Top Line sanitary centrifugal pump

TF-C328 Centrifugal Pump Parts Diagram

TF-C328-Pump-Parts Diagram

Common Sanitary Pump Applications and Seal Materials

Canola Oil DG FKM (Viton)
CBD Oil DG FKM (Viton)
Ethylene Glycol DG FKM (Viton)
Propylene Glycol DG FKM (Viton)
Sodium Hydroxide DG FKM (Viton)
Wort DG FKM (Viton)
Water D BUNA
Distilled Spirits DG FKM (Viton)
Wine DG FKM (Viton)

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Line Drawings

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C328, 3″/2″, 8″, D, BUNA, 1800RPM, 213TC/215TC , WEG SSWD, 7.5HP, C328/D/BUNA (213TC/215TC), 7.5HP, 1800RPM


C328, 3″/2″, 8″, DG, FKM, 1800RPM, 213TC/215TC , WEG SSWD, 7.5HP, C328/DG/FKM (213TC/215TC), 7.5HP, 1800RPM


    I am trying to replace a Top Flo C328 21TC; S/N 12769-10; P Number 56852133020 with new pump and motor. This is an urgent request as the current pump is not going to last much longer. I am trying to source this pump or something close that will work in it's place. The existing pump is on a VFD and can be adjusted for pressure and flow. Can you source me a pump and motor in a day or two to accommodate this request? Please reply back to my email or call me at 513-266-3035 at your earliest time. Thank you!
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