Tri-Clamp Check Valves

  • Prevent process backflow
  • 316L Stainless Steel Alloy
  • 32Ra Finish (Roughness Average)
  • Suitable for low and medium viscosity fluids
  • Maximum operating temperature: 200°F
  • Maximum operating pressure: 145 PSI
  • View Sizes & Dimensions
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Mitigate product media back flow with stainless steel sanitary tri-clamp check valves

Available in 316L Stainless steel alloy. Product is 3A certified for use in all sanitary conditions including food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Product ships factory direct
  • Includes factory 90-Day Limited Warranty
We recommend clamp gaskets and our single-pin heavy duty clamp in order to safely connect this product to the rest of your system.

Clamp Check Valve Sizes & Dimensions

Tri-Clamp Check Valve Compact

Tri-Clamp Check Valve Exploded View

Size (Tube OD) Part Number Dimensions Cracking Pressure (PSI) Flow Coefficient (CV) Line Drawing
1/2" 45MP-.50-CD-316 2.700” 2.7 5
3/4" 45MP-.75-CD-316 2.700” 2.7 4 Request Drawing
1   " 45MP-1-CD-316 3.290" 1.6 20
1-1/2" 45MP-1.5-CD-316 3.360" 1.6 20
2   " 45MP-2-CD-316 3.360" 1.4 40
2-1/2" 45MP-2.5-CD-316 3.360" 0.9 60
3   " 45MP-3-CD-316 3.360" 0.5 100 Request Drawing
4   " 45MP-4-CD-316 4.030" 0.5 210

Watch How to Measure Tri-Clamp Fittings

Tri-Clamp Fittings and Gasket Sizing Guide

Sanitary Fitting Dimensions
Sanitary Size OD of Flange End ID of Tube OD of Tube
1/2″ 0.992 0.370 0.500
3/4″ 0.992 0.620 0.750
1″ 1.984 0.870 1.000
1 1/2″ 1.984 1.370 1.500
2″ 2.516 1.870 2.000
2 1/2″ 3.047 2.370 2.500
3″ 3.579 2.870 3.000
4″ 4.682 3.834 4.000
6″ 6.562 5.782 6.000
8″ 8.602 7.782 8.000
10″ 10.570 9.782 10.000
12″ 12.570 11.760 12.000

Questions & Answers 9

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Q can you push gas (oxygen) through this? What is minimum pressure requirement?
    A It is possible and some customers have used fittings like this in the past. The tri-clamp fittings are leakproof and cracking pressures, dependent upon the size of the valve, are located lower down on this page.
  2. Q For the 1.5" tri-clamp. What size and type of gasket is used to join the two halves?
    A Our sanitary fitting sizes are universal. So for the 1 1/2" Tri-Clamp Fittings, you would choose the 1 1/2" Tri-Clamp Gasket size.
  3. Q What materials are the internals for this Tri-Clamp Check Valve (stopper, o-ring, spring, spider disk)?
    A The O-Ring gasket is made of viton. All other components are 316 Stainless Steel.
  4. Q We need to autoclave this which is 250F, spec says max temp is 200F - can this be made autoclavable?

    The valve you are looking for would most likely need to be designed for autoclave.  The valves we offer are not designed in such a manner.  I'm sorry that we cannot be of more assistance for this one.

  5. Q Can we get a different o-ring than viton? We need compatibility for hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide.
    A We do offer alternative o-rings for the Tri-Clamp Check Valve. Please call us for more information.
  6. Q Are these check valves suitable for both vertical and horizontal installations?
    A Yes, these tri-clamp check valves can be used in both vertical and horizontal installations. Please verify cracking pressure along with liquid weight which will impact the opening of check valve.
  7. Q What is the largest OD of the valve with the clamp used in the center?
    A I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, but the largest outside diameter tri clamp check valve that we offer is 6". Please call or email for additional information.
  8. Q What material is the green O-ring gasket in the check valve?
    A The O-Ring gasket in this clamp check valve is made up of Viton. Viton is a brand of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer commonly used in O-rings, chemical-resistant gloves, and other molded or extruded goods. Viton fluoroelastomers are categorized under the ASTM D1418 and ISO 1629 designation of FKM.
  9. Q What is the overall length of this for 2"?
    A The 2" clamp check valve measures in at 4.583" from head to toe. For other sizes and dimensions please consult our sizing chart found on the product page.

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