DIN Long Weld Clamp Ferrule (METRIC)

  • Sanitary DIN 32676 Long Weld Clamp Ferrules
  • Available in 316L Stainless steel
  • Stamped with Heat Lot Number
  • 3-A Sanitary Standards for Sanitary Fittings, Number 63-03
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DIN 32676 long weld clamp ferrules connect sanitary process lines with tri-clamp, welded ends.

Long weld clamp ferrules allow extra room for welding capabilities when assembling process lines.  Stainless steel design is offered exclusively in 316L alloy option.  Sizes for this product range from metric DIN 20 up to DIN 100.  For joining clamp fittings to welded ends.  Orbital weld is recommended to ensure proper connectivity, tri-clamp connections finish this process line. Material Test Reports (MTRs) Available upon request.

DIN Long Weld Clamp Ferrules Part Numbers & Dimensions (Metric)

PART NUMBERSIZEd1(mm)d4(mm)d5(mm)h(mm)Line Drawing
DN14WMPMAS-DN10-316-ODIN 10101334 18
DN14WMPMAS-DN15-316-ODIN 15161934 18
DN14WMPMAS-DN20-316-ODIN 20202334 18Request Drawing
DN14WMPMAS-DN25-316-ODIN 25262950.5 21.5Request Drawing
DN14WMPMAS-DN32-316-ODIN 32323550.5 21.5Request Drawing
DN14WMPMAS-DN40-316-ODIN 40384150.5 21.5
DN14WMPMAS-DN50-316-ODIN 50505364 21.5Request Drawing
DN14WMPMAS-DN65-316-ODIN 65667091 28Request Drawing
DN14WMPMAS-DN80-316-ODIN 808185106 28Request Drawing
DN14WMPMAS-DN100-316-ODIN 100100104119 28Request Drawing
DN14WMPMAS-DN125-316-ODIN 12512512915528Request Drawing
DN14WMPMAS-DN150-316-ODIN 15015015418328Request Drawing

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Q What is the difference between 3” to DN65 Triclamp DIN32676-A
    A DIN fittings and metric (mm) while our standard tri-clamp fittings are imperial (inches). The smaller sized DIN/Tri-Clamp fittings are really close to one another in size but they are not an exact match. The 3" Tri-Clamp will have an Outside Diameter of 3" measured around the tube. The DIN 65 will have an Outside Diameter of 2.755" measured around the tube. It is possible to weld comparable DIN/Tri-Clamp tube ends to another with a slight difference in diameter between the two. However, it is not possible to mate flange faces with gaskets and clamps in order to make a leak-proof connection between the two.

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