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What is DIN 32676?

To answer this question let’s take a step back and talk about what DIN is. DIN is the German Institute for Standardization. It is an organization that sets standards for quality, safety, and technology through a wide range of industries.

For organization and clarity, DIN has created multiple sections in order to categorize related products and processes. These sections are numbered and range from DIN (1) all the way up to DIN (79999) with the list growing every year.

DIN 32676 relates to the food & beverage processing equipment and more specifically tri-clamp fittings. While visibly similar, tri-clamp fittings and DIN 32676 fittings are not an exact match. DIN fittings are manufactured primarily in Europe where the metric system is used. In smaller sizes, USA made tri-clamp fittings can mate with DIN 32676 fittings but they will NOT be a perfect fit.

For example, a DIN 50 tri-clamp fitting converts to 1.9685″. This is really close to a 2″ Tri-Clamp Fitting but again, not an exact match.

Measuring DIN 32676 Fittings

DIN Tri-Clamp fittings are denoted with a number that indicates their size in millimeters.  For example, a DIN50 fitting would be 50mm in size.  However, unlike their domestic counterparts, DIN fittings are measured by the inside diameter of the tube end instead of the outside.  In the illustration below, the inside diameter would be the “D1” dimension.

DIN 32676 Measuring Guide

DIN 32676 Fitting Dimensions

DIN 32676 Fitting Dimensions

DIN 32676 Measuring Guide

Common DIN Fitting Sizes (measured in mm):

  • DIN10 (10MM ID / 13MM OD)
  • DIN15 (15MM ID / 19MM OD)
  • DIN20 (20MM ID / 23MM OD)
  • DIN25 (25MM ID / 29MM OD)
  • DIN40 (40MM ID / 41MM OD)
  • DIN50 (50MM ID / 53MM OD)
  • DIN65 (65MM ID / 70MM OD)
  • DIN80 (80MM ID / 85MM OD)
  • DIN100 (100MM ID / 104MM OD)
  • DIN150 (150MM ID / 154MM OD)

DIN 32676 Series A vs 32676 Series B

The DIN 32676 style of fitting comes in two different series, A and B.  These series are also referred to as 1 and 2.  The difference between these two types of series is the outside diameter (OD) of the tube fitting end.  DIN 32676 Series B has a wider outside diameter than Series A.  For exact dimensional differences between the two series, please see the sizing chart below.  

Please note that Sanitary Fittings only carries Series A style of DIN 32676 style fittings.  We are unaware of any supplier in the United States that currently offers the Series B style.

DIN 32676 Series-A Sizing Chart

DN 10 12.0 10.00 34.0
DN 15 18.0 16.00 34.0
DN 20 22.0 20.00 34.0
DN 25 28.0 26.00 50.5
DN 32 34.0 32.00 50.5
DN 40 40.0 38.00 50.5
DN 50 52.0 50.00 64.0

DIN 32676 Series-B Sizing Chart (Not Available)

DN 10 13.0 10.00 34.0
DN 15 19.0 16.00 34.0
DN 20 23.0 20.00 34.0
DN 25 29.0 26.00 50.5
DN 32 35.0 32.00 50.5
DN 40 41.0 38.00 50.5
DN 50 53.0 50.00 64.0

Assembling Fittings

Assembling DIN Tri-Clamp fittings is exactly the same as standard tri-clamp fittings. Connections can be made by bringing together two flanged ends of fittings using a gasket as a seal along with a clamp to securely fasten the two pieces together.

3A vs. EHEDG

If you are familiar with sanitary fittings in the United States, you no doubt have run across the organization 3A. This non-profit organization is responsible for advancing hygienic equipment design for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Alternatively, DIN fittings have a European counterpart in EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group). Also a non-profit, EHEDG is a consortium of equipment manufacturers, food producers, suppliers to the food industry dedicated to improving the processes and quality in food production.

Examples of DIN 32676 Fittings

For additional questions on DIN Fittings, please contact us or visit our DIN 32676 section of the website.