How to Clean a Food Grade Hose

  • John Zabkowicz
  • December 12, 2020

Occasionally, we get asked by customers if the food-grade hoses we supply are ready for production usage right out of the box. The answer to this question is a resounding “no”. It is imperative to the safety of your manufacturing process lines to clean any products you receive before they come in contact with food, beverages, or pharmaceutical products.

Cleaning before first use

The food-grade hoses offered by Sanitary Fittings may arrive with a slight odor of their own, which is unavoidable from the manufacturing process but can be eliminated by proper cleaning.

We recommend the following procedures before the first use of your new hose:

  • Fill the hose with hot water
  • Store the water in the hose for at least 10 hours
  • Empty the hose

Water-Based Cleaning Options for Sanitary Hoses

Choose one of the water-based cleaning options below

Cleaning Agents Temperature and Duration
Water +194-Degrees F max. 20 minutes
Steam 2X +266-Degrees F max. 20 minutes

Chemical Cleaning Options for Sanitary Hoses

Choose one of the chemical cleaning options below

Chemicals Temperature and Duration
Caustic Soda (NaOH) 2% at room temperature
max 30 minutes
Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) 0.15% at room temperature max 30 minutes
Nitric Acid (HNO3) 0.15% at room temperature max 30 minutes

In all cases, the hose must be rinsed with tap water!
Note: If after these steps, the hose still gives off an odor, repeat this process above until no odor can be detected.


Standard Cleaning Process

After each use, or at regular intervals, the hose must be treated with an ordinary cleaning and sanitizing agent. For detailed information
and to choose a suitable cleaning and sanitizing agent, please refer tou our complete resistance list.

For any other questions related to Food Grade Hoses or the rest of our product catalog, please contact us.