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What is Oxygen Cleaning?

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What is Oxygen Cleaning?

Some customers within the biopharmaceutical industry, among others, require products to be cleaned beyond what is considered “clean” to other industries. These customers rely on all manufacturing equipment to be cleansed to the most rigorous requirements. It’s possible for organic and inorganic material to be left on fittings during the normal course of handling products within the manufacturing process. These materials may pose a risk of combustion if introduced into an oxygen-rich environment.

Enter Oxygen Cleaning

Oxygen cleaning is a process by which fittings are cleaned of any matter that could potentially pose a risk to those working within a sensitive environment. There are several methods for performing this type of cleaning which include the following:

  • Mechanical cleaning
  • Aqueous cleaning
  • Acid cleaning
  • Solvent Washing

Upon successful cleaning, the parts are then inspected using a variety of steps to make sure the parts no longer contain any contaminants or residual matter. This step usually involves the use of an ultraviolet light which highlights any of the material that may have been left behind.

Once items have been properly cleaned and inspected, they are then sealed up for delivery, not to be opened until they reach their final destination for installation.

Sanitary Fittings does offer an oxygen cleaning service; this service is available for an additional fee and all products come with a certificate of compliance. For more information or additional questions regarding Oxygen Cleaning services, please contact us.