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Sanitary Fittings Quality Inspection Process

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Sanitary Fittings Quality Inspection Process

A customer recently provided a list of fittings for quote. Within the list there were several links he had found online to some of our competitors’ fittings. We provided a detailed quote to the customer explaining that in some cases we cannot compete on pricing, however, in all cases we can compete on product availability, lead time, and quality.

He responded in kind:

“What is the main benefit in quality that your products have over [insert low-quality competitor]? I want ya to sell me here because I don’t want cheap Chinese products. I understand they’ll both come from China for the most part, but what would be the quality increase?”

Yes, we do provide fittings sourced from China. However, they are not “cheap” by any stretch of the imagination. At Sanitary Fittings, quality is extremely important to us. Our customers expect nothing but the best for their product lines and our goal is to provide this material. Failure to provide only the highest quality fittings could potentially cause issues for our customers, something we strive to avoid.

As a distributor of stainless steel sanitary fittings, we’ve partnered solely with manufacturers capable of delivering the very best products on the market. In most cases, our suppliers are ISO 9001 Certified, meaning they not only talk the talk but walk the walk as well. You can always rest assured that the parts we provide not only meet, but exceed your expectations for excellence.

Here is a quick list of the checks that each fitting goes through before it reaches your door:

  • We inspect all fittings visually for any imperfections
  • Fittings are etched with Heat Lot numbers for traceability
  • All fittings are measured for variations with a tolerance set to +/- .005″
  • All 316L Stainless Steel fittings are tested with a Niton Analyzer Gun to make sure chemical composition is accurate
  • Individual fittings are packed and vacuum-sealed to cardboard to ensure safe transit

Vacuum-Sealed Sanitary Fittings ready for a customer shipment

With these steps taken above, you’re going to receive quality fittings that meet your exact requirements for dimensions, surface finish, chemical composition and visual appearance. However, don’t just take our word for it. We are a trusted provider for some of the biggest names in the food, beverage, and pharma industries including:

We’re also proud to stand by our 30-Day No Hassle return of any of our fittings. If they do not meet your expectations for any reason we will take them back and work to make the situation correct.