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What is Orbital Welding?

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What is Orbital Welding?

Orbital Welding

A customer recently inquired about a large custom job and whether or not we had orbital welding capabilities. We do! For those of you who may not know what orbital welding is please allow us to explain.

You’re likely well aware of standard welding, the process of fusing together of two pieces of metal using high heat. The typical welding process would involve a highly skilled technician using a welding torch to create a seamless connection. In the case of sanitary fittings, this weld would then be smoothed over and polished to the point where the seam is nearly undetectable to the naked eye.

However, welding takes time, precision, and valuable man-hours. In cases where there is ample room for welding round surfaces together, an orbital welder can be used to speed up the process. Orbital welding requires both pieces to be secured in place while a machine rotates around 360 Degrees to complete the welding process. The finished product is just as clean as one produced by a human and takes a fraction of the time.

Check out this video to see orbital welding in action.

Given the size of orbital welding equipment, they are limited in their ability to weld in more confined areas. The orbital welder needs full access to both pieces of metal in order to complete its job. In cases where obstructions may exist, or tight spaces, an orbital welder cannot be used. For these instances, a welding technician would be required to complete the welding process.

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