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Introducing Q-Line Fittings

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Introducing Q-Line Fittings

Sanitary Fittings is pleased to announce their newest family of product offerings with Q-Line Fittings.  While Q-Line fittings are not a new product offering within the Food, Beverage and Dairy Industries, they are new to the Sanitary Fittings catalog.

Q-Line Fittings are very similar to our standard Tri-Clamp Fittings.  Both styles of fittings use a flange, clamp and gasket to complete a leak-proof connection.  The one key difference between the two styles of fittings is that Q-Line fittings have a slightly larger width for their flange faces than tri-clamp fittings.  (See image below).

Tri-Clamp x Q-Line Adapter Dimensions

Q-Line (left) x Tri-Clamp (right) Adapter


Another difference between Q-Line and Tri-Clamp fittings is the type of clamp used to create a connection.  Q-Line fittings use the same type of clamp as our standard I-Line fittings.  The wider I-Line fittings are a suitable size to accommodate the same size Q-Line fittings.

As with all styles of fittings that we offer at Sanitary Fittings, Q-Line fittings are available in multiple configurations including but not limited to:

Sanitary Fittings offers custom in-house fabrication services so if you are in need of a fitting not seen online please contact us for assistance.