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What Is Tri Clover?

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What Is Tri Clover?

I get asked this question from customers on occasion. Looking at how visitors to this website search for products, it’s about a 50/50 split between the term “tri-clamp” and “tri-clover”. So what is the difference between the two? Ready for this answer…nothing! That’s right there is no difference between tri-clamp and tri-clover fittings.

Asking this question is the same as asking what’s the difference between Kleenex® and facial tissue. One is a branded term, the other describes what the product is, but essentially they are the exact same product.

What's in a name?


A Little History Lesson

Tri-Clover was a registered brand name of the Swedish company, Alfa-Laval. Over the years, Alfa-Laval has changed focus and sold off the brand “tri-clover” to another company. While the term “tri-clover” is still used in the sanitary fittings industry, it’s slowly phasing out giving way to the more descriptive term “tri-clamp”.

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