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What Are I-Line Fittings?

I-Line fittings are used in line processing equipment to join separate runs of tubing.   You’ll typically find this type of equipment in the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.  In order to make a leak-resistant connection, I-line fittings require interlocking male and female ferrules, gaskets and clamps.

The metal-to-metal design reduces the chances of over compression during installation which can sometimes occur with other types of connections such as the standard clamp fittings.  Given the design, I-Line fittings are able to withstand higher vibrations, temperatures and pressures.

I-Line fittings are manufactured from the same materials as other line process equipment.  They are available in both 304 & 316L stainless steel alloys.  The selection process between these two options depends highly upon the material being processed, temperature and other factors.

Just like traditional clamp fittings, I-Line allows for easy installation and removal from the line processing.  Access to these areas makes clean-out-of-place quickly for minimal downtime.  Ferrules come with butt weld ends opposite clamps to complete the line process connections.

Examples of I-Line fittings can be found in the product images below.

Male I-Line 90 Degree Elbow

Male I-Line 90 Degree Elbow


Female Short Weld I-Line Ferrules

Female Short-Weld I-Line Fitting


Wingnut I-Line Clamp

Wingnut I-Line Clamp

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