Stainless Steel Clamps available for purchase online from Sanitary Fittings.  Available in 304 alloy only. Products are in stock and ready to ship. All your sanitary process line parts available at discounted pricing. Orders over $100 include FREE SHIPPING.

Learn how to measure tri-clamp fittings

  • Clamp Fitting

    Single Pin Heavy Duty Clamp (13MHHM)

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  • Bolted Clamps

    Bolted Clamps (13MHP)

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  • Double Pin Heavy Duty Tri-Clamp

    Double Pin Heavy Duty Clamp (13MHHM-DP)

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  • Three Segment Heavy Duty Clamp

    Three Segment Clamp (13MHHS)

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  • Squeeze Clamp

    Squeeze Clamp (13MHHM-Q)

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