Tri-Clamp Ferrules available for purchase online from Sanitary Fittings.  Available in both 304 & 316L stainless steel alloys and sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 12″. Ferrules are used to connect tri-clamp fitting end with a permanent welded end in sanitary process lines. Long weld clamp versions available for orbital welding. Products are all 3A certified with Material Test Reports (MTRs) on demand. All your line process parts at discounted prices available to ship now. Orders over $100 include FREE SHIPPING.

Learn how to measure Tri-Clamp Fittings

  • 2-Inch Long Weld Ferrule

    Long Weld Clamp Ferrules (14AM7)

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  • 2" Short Weld Clamp Ferrule

    Short Weld Clamp Ferrules (14WMP)

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  • Heavy Duty Tank Weld Ferrule

    Heavy Duty Tank Weld Ferrules (14MPW)

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  • Roll-On Expanding Ferrule

    Roll-On Expanding Ferrules (14RMP)

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  • Light Duty Tank Weld Ferrule

    Light Duty Tank Ferrules (14WLMP)

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  • Automated Weld Ferrules

    Automated Weld Ferrule (STL14AM7)

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  • One-Inch OD Long Weld Ferrule

    Reducing Clamp Ferrules (14AM7R)

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