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Sanitary Tri-Clamp Ferrule Selection Guide [How to Choose a Ferrule]

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Sanitary Tri-Clamp Ferrule Selection Guide [How to Choose a Ferrule]

Tri-Clamp ferrules are available in a variety of options to suit your specific application needs.  All ferrules available from Sanitary Fittings still retain the common tri-clamp connection, however, there are certain elements for each fitting that make it unique.  The following is a list of tri-clamp ferrules we offer:

Continue reading to learn more about the design and capabilities of each ferrule in order to make a proper selection for your needs.

Tri-Clamp Long Ferrule (14AM7)

Our most popular and versatile ferrule.  On average this ferrule is just over 1″ in length (longer for larger tube diameters).  The tri-clamp long ferrule is available in both 304 and 316 stainless steel and is manufactured in accordance with 3A Standards.

Like all available tri-clamp ferrules, this would need to be welded into place on the tube end.  A gasket and tri-clamp would be required to complete the connection on the other end.

View Tri-Clamp Long Weld Ferrule Dimensions

Tri-Clamp Short Ferrule (14WMP)

2" Short Weld Clamp Ferrule  

The only difference between the short and long tri-clamp ferrule is, you guessed it, length!  The short-weld clamp is on average about 1/2″ long. This can be useful for applications where space is limited.  However, it should be noted that with the shorter overall length, there is less room to work with in regards to welding this ferrule into place.

Short Weld Tri-Clamp Ferrule Dimensions

Light Duty Tank Ferrule (14WLMP)

Light Duty Tank Weld Ferrule

The light-duty tank weld ferrule is most commonly used within brewery and winery applications as an outlet for tanks.  Typically found at the bottom of most tanks, this ferrule is popular for its longer overall length making it easier to weld in place.  

Light Duty Tank Ferrule Dimensions

Heavy Wall Tank Ferrule (14MPW)

Heavy Duty Tank Weld Ferrule

The heavy wall tank ferrule is usually used in applications under higher amounts of pressure than normal.  Whereas the tri-clamp ferrules discussed so far have a wall thickness of 0.065″ (thicker for larger fittings), the Heavy Wall Tank Ferrule has a minimum wall thickness of 0.083″. 

The heavy wall ferrule also has one more distinguishing characteristic in that it is the only ASME Certified fitting that we offer.  This ferrule is manufactured by hollowing out solid steel round bars and can be produced in lengths greater than the standard 1 5/8″.

Heavy Wall Tank Weld Ferrule Dimensions

Roll-On Expanding Ferrule (14RMP)

Roll-On Expanding Ferrule

The roll-on ferrule is unique to the rest of the ferrules in that it is meant to slide over existing tube and then be welded into place.  All other ferrules are butt-welded meaning the ends of both tubes match up to each other with the exact same dimensions for welding.  The term “slide” probably isn’t the best way to describe how this fitting connects to existing tube lines.  A special tool is required to put this fitting in place before it is welded. 

Due to the way in which this fitting is secured into place, this particular configuration is not considered part of the 3A Standard due to the inability to clean the entire ferrule since it is no longer considered a seamless connection.

Roll-On Expanding Ferrule Dimensions

Automated Weld Ferrules (STL14AM7)

Automated Weld Ferrules

Similar to our Light-Duty Tank Weld Ferrule, this fitting allows for additional room for the purpose of auto-welding.  The other distinguishing feature of this ferrule is that it’s a BPE (Bio-Pharmaceutical Equipment) fitting. 

Up until this point all ferrules discussed have a surface finish of 32Ra.  These BPE style fittings come with the option of either 20 or 15Ra surface finishes.  All BPE fittings come individually bagged along with Material Test Reports (MTRs) standard.

Tri-Clamp Automated Weld Ferrule Dimensions

Tri-Clamp Reducing Ferrule (31WMP)

One-Inch OD Long Weld Ferrule

The tri-clamp reducing ferrule is used in applications where tube dimensions change sizes.  The functionality of this fitting is much the same as our Tri-Clamp Concentric Reducers, however, this fitting is much shorter in overall length. 

This fitting is available in both straight and tapered faces, meaning the flange face is either flat or slightly conical.  

The above list contains all of our standard tri-clamp ferrules.  We also have in-house manufacturing capabilities so if you can’t find what you need, please reach out.  If you have any other questions, please contact us for additional information.